Summer Math Learning Opportunities

    Secondary School Students (students entering 6th - 12th grade):

    Students entering 6th - 12th grade are encouraged to access tutorial courses for review, remediation, and or enrichment through Apex Learning. Students can quickly remediate learning gaps and build grade-level proficiency using standards-based instruction, practice, and review. Click here to register for the Summer Learning Opportunity tutorials.
    In addition, students have an opportunity to complete math problems in a summer math packet in preparation for their next math course. Completion of the summer math packet is not required for the return to school in the fall. Some packets indicate they are due the first day of school; however, completion is optional for your child this summer. Khan Academy is another option to review course content for what was just completed and/or the course for next year.

    Link for Packets: Neshaminy High School Summer Math Packets

    • Entering Algebra 1
    • Entering Algebra 2
    • Entering Honors Algebra 2
    • Entering Geometry
    • Entering Honors Geometry
    • Entering Honors Math 1
    • Entering Precalculus or Honors Precalculus
    • Entering AP Calculus

    Neshaminy Middle School (entering 7th/8th grades or Accelerated Math) Curriculum

    Parents/Guardians: Please have your child complete lessons on i-Ready My Path this summer--30 minutes/week for math. The summer i-Ready My Path goal is to complete at least 10 lessons for math and 10 lessons for reading by the end of the summer. In addition to My Path, there is an option for your children to work on math printable practice packets for the grade they have just completed this past school year. For more information, click here for the Elementary Summer Practice Newsletter. Thank you.  

    Students who just completed