• Assessment

    Why do we need to build an effective assessment system, and what are its core components?

    Assessment is a process of evaluating student performance to determine what content and skills they mastered. It enables educators to make informed decisions about instructional practices and effective pedagogical approaches to maximize student achievement levels. Good assessment is an integral part of the teaching and learning process, and well-designed assessments can give valuable information to teachers and students.
    An assessment system is a group of policies (state or district mandated tests at various grade levels and in content areas), structures (schedule of assessments), practices (classroom assessments), and tools (tests, publisher developed, state standardized, district assessment and/or teacher constructed) for generating and using data on student learning. An assignment system supports a variety of district and building level information needs. Student assessment data informs learning and instruction, determines progress, measures achievement and provides partial accountability information. 

    Neshaminy School District currently utilizes the following assessments: 
    • DIBELS 8th Edition (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) 
    • i-Ready Diagnostic (Universal Screener for math and reading)
    • CDTs (Classroom Diagnostic Tools)
    • STAR Reading 
    • Achieve 3000 Literacy         
    • Final Exams
    • WIDA (Measure of Developing English Language) 
    • PSSA, PASA & Keystone Exams (state mandated exams)
    • Advanced Placement Exams (for possible college credit)
    Mandated state testing reporting to satisfy the federal government guidelines:  ESSA Federal Report.