History of Organization

  • Brief History of Neshaminy Retirees
    By Muriel Dunkerton

    In 1983, a few retirees from Everitt Elementary School were having lunch when some of the still working administrators and teachers arrived at the same restaurant. The thought struck those present "how nice it would be if we could get together for lunch and catch up on what was happening in the lives of our fellow employees."

    Muriel made an appointment with then Superintendent Dr. Joseph Ferderbar to discuss the idea. He was excited about it and volunteered his secretarial staff to help get it started. Since at that time there was no list of retired employees, the first task was to develop a list with the help of several secretaries. The first luncheon was held in the spring of 1984 at Butch's Round Table Restaurant with 55 attending. At the first luncheon, the name Neshaminy Retirees was decided upon and that the luncheon would be held every May. In 1985, the second luncheon was held at the same place, but the restaurant was now the newly decorated Casmirri's.

    On the 22nd anniversary of the Neshaminy Retirees Luncheon, a tribute was made to Muriel Dunkerton, one of the founders who passed away on 2/6/05.

    We have grown over the years and have incorporated the Neshaminy Education Foundation into our program and added door prizes. We are always looking for new people to work on the committees. Please call Alice Lafferty at 215-945-6715 of you would be willing to help or join. Invite a fellow retiree and bring them along. New retirees welcome!