• Getting to know your SmartPanel 6075 MX




    How does my Smart Panel Connect to my Desktop?

    The SmartPanel will work exactly like your projector did.  The connectors will still be the same for the SmartPanel as they were for the Projector

    1 HDMi (for screen connectivity)

    1  USB  (for touch)

    1 Microsoft Display Adapter to remotely connect to your new Laptop

    Does my Smart Panel need to be setup or calibrated?

    NO, all setup and configurations have already been completed.  There should never be a need to calibrate.

    Getting to know your Smart Panel and other resources

    Smart Panel Over View

    Resources for Education   

    Professional Development

    Content Sharing

    Just a note about all the resources here, there is a lot.  Basically there are 4 primary functions of the SmartPanel.  

    Content Delivery and Pen interaction (same as you use today)

    IQ (new) function.  There is no need for a computer at all.

    Screen sharing of student devices. (student Chromebooks, iPads, Laptops)

    Built in Browser for using the Internet and Youtube videos

     What is Smart Learning Suite Online?

    SLSO (short name) is a cloud version of the Notebook software you have come to know and use.  Your license for Notebook comes with an on-line version as well.


    Your Notebook files can be accessed from On-line.  Use the tutorial and upload your files to the on-line portal and you can CREATE, MODIFY and CHANGE your content anywhere.  The computer become a secondary resource to your content.

    Log in to Smart Learning Suite Online

    Use your Google Account to log in

    Click the PLUS button to add your content from your personal drive

    Choose Import from your device

    Is everyone getting this new Smart Panel?

     If you recently had a new projector installed, I am sorry to say you will not receive a new Smart Panel Immediately.

    Will I get professional development on the new Smart Panel?


     Integration of Google Drive and Smart Learning Suite On-Line

    With the integration of Google Drive and Smart Learning Suite On-Line, you will now beable to use your Google Drive to store and create your content directly in Google Drive.  Please click the Link to learn more.

    SMART PANEL - The IQ Experience series of videos on how to use your Panel

    IQ Series on how to use your new SMART PANEL