• What is ParentLink and why do I need it?


     ParentLink is a free app for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. Our version was developed just for the Neshaminy School District.

     School to parent communication is a vital tool in the process of successful education for all students. It is a district initiative to keep parents informed of school events and ensure that they are included in communications regarding school operations and special events affecting the educational outcome of their children. For this reason, an electronic messaging service called ParentLink will be utilized to record and send messages to parents via phone and email.

     The ParentLink communication suite offers three main services to the Neshaminy District  community which aids this communication process. These services are:

    • In addition to the standard radio and TV notification systems already in use, ParentLink will be utilized to call parents if there is a school emergency, such as building closures due to inclement weather. 
    • ParentLink will be utilized to call parents regarding school events that are focused on increasing family involvement at school functions. Events such as Open House and Parent-Teacher Conferences are examples of school events that will be promoted using ParentLink messaging services. 
    • ParentLink in the future will be utilized to place automatic attendance calls when students are reported as absent from their class and not called in by their guardian as an expected absence. Parents can still contact the school attendance centers to discuss and excuse students from classes but ParentLink will be utilized to make the initial large volume of outgoing notification calls to parents regarding student absences.

    ParentLink enables the District to call the families of all 8,800+ students in less than 30 minutes, if needed. It is important that family phone numbers are kept up to date on the school's database so that these calls can accurately reach parents. If there is a correction to be made on the family phone record, please call your school office and report the necessary changes as soon as they are known or log into the Home Access Center to make your changes.  A username and password are required to access your student’s information. 
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