• Math In Focus

    Math In Focus is the math curriculum used by the elementary schools in Neshaminy School District. Math In Focus is based off of the Singapore approach. It focuses on problem solving as the foundation of mathematical learning using a variety of models to help students visualize and understand mathematical concepts. This program teaches concepts using a concrete–pictorial–abstract learning progression to anchor student knowledge in real-world, hands-on experiences, supported by technology applications. Math in Focus encourages positive student interaction with mathematics, which results in students developing an ability to easily solve complex, real-world math problems.
    A typical Math In Focus lesson will begin with teaching and learning through guided practice. Students will be introduced to new concepts at the concrete level and then led to the pictoral and finally the abstract. This progression allows students to touch and move physical manipulatives as they develop number sense and mental math skills. Students are then able to develop and explain their thought process versus just memorizing an answer. Students will then be given independent practice through the workbook, journal writing, and technological applications. Students may or many not have written homework each night. However, there is always something they could be working on at home. All students in grades K-5 have been given a Dream Box account to practice their math skills as well as access to Think Central which is the virtual version of all student textbooks, workbooks and virtual manipulatives. Please see below for a further description of Dream Box and Think Central.
    Standards Based Grading
    Students will be evaluated using a Standards Based Grading model. Please read the parent letter attached here for more information: Standards Based Grading Parent Letter
    Dream Box
    Dream Box is an online math program designed to help students build their math confidence and ability. Dream Box is an independent activity that is tailored to your child's learning so it is imperative that you encourage them to play on their own, without the help from another student or adult. Your child should play on Dream Box at least two-three times per week for thirty minutes. Your child's teacher may assign this as homework as well. Contact your child's teacher if you have not received login information. Please read the parent letter attached here for more information on Dream Box: Dream Box Parent Letter Please also read Dream Box Helpful Home Hints to support your child when he or she is working at home.
    To access Dream Box from home, please go to: https://htplay.dreambox.com/login/yztw from here you will select your child's school. Please note that some schools have two links, only one is active for this school year. We are working with Dream Box to have that cleaned up. After selecting your child's school, then click on their teacher's email address. This will take you to a page to log your child in. Students in grades K-2 will select their name and then a picture icon. Students in grades 3-5 will enter a username (typically first name/last initial) and a password that the teacher has provided.
    Think Central
    Think Central is online access to your child's textbook, workbook and virtual manipulatives for Math In Focus. These resources are provided to students and parents to support the learning in the classrooms by reviewing information or making up lessons due to absences from school. Please do not work ahead of your child's teacher. If you have not received login information for Think Central, please contact your child's teacher.
    Get Involved
     We want you to play an active role in your child's education. Please take some time and explore the Math In Focus website. It is filled with information and resources for parents, including videos on Math In Focus instruction.