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    Online application for field usage (PDF)



    - Read all the Rules, Regulations and Policies Governing the Rental of School Facilities


    Guidelines for Building Usage - Non-district organizations (PDF)

    Guidelines for Building Usage - District organizations (PDF) 


    - Fill out the Building Usage Request Application Form and Indemnities Forms found below

    - Mail the following to the address above:

    a) Building Usage Request Application (PDF) Fill out on your computer and print

    b) Signed Indemnities/Insurance Form (PDF) Fill out on our computer and print

    c) Application Fee (Outside organizations only, $75.00 commercial $100.00 non-profit)

    d) Certificate(s) of Liability Insurance and workers compensation insurance (view a Sample Insurance Form - PDF).

    e) Energy Use Fee Schedule (PDF)

    f) Facilities rental and services fee schedule (PDF)

    g) School security for district and non-district events: Request for security services (PDF)

    *NOTE: Neshaminy School District MUST be named as an additional insured in the Description of Operations box on the policy. The Certificate(s) of Liability Insurance will not be accepted without this statement.

    e) Copy of Tax Exempt Certificate (if applicable)

    d) Computer Use Agreement (if applicable)

    Upon receipt of all the above, we will begin to process your application. You will receive a copy of confirmation when your application has been approved or denied. If you have ANY questions regarding the above or your application, please call 215-809-6270

    Rules, Regulations and Policies Governing the Rental of School Facilities


    A. Availability of Facilities

    1.) School facilities shall be available for rental if such facilities are not required for school purposes at the time. The term "school purposes" includes athletic contests, dramatic performances, dances and the like, in which organized groups of school students participate.

    2.) Ordinarily, school facilities will be used only by organizations within the Neshaminy School District. The Building Administrator or designated representative may approve the use of facilities by other responsible organizations on a case by case basis.

    3.) School facilities shall not be available on Sundays in accordance with School Board policy.

    B. Applications

    1.)Subject to the provisions of these regulations, each application shall be reviewed by the Building Administrator or representative, and such application shall not be considered accepted until it is approved in writing. 2.) Application for the use of school facilities shall be made on a form provided for that purpose, a copy of which is hereby made a part of these regulations. Such application shall be signed by an authorized representative of the organization making application and shall be submitted as far in advance of the proposed date of the function involved as the Building Administrator or representative shall be determined to be sufficient for making any arrangements required.

    C. Charges for Facilities and Services

    1.) A schedule of standard charges for the use of school facilities and for services provided is hereby made a part of these regulations.

    2.) Permits may be postponed or canceled, but requests for the same must be reviewed by the Building Administrator or designated representative at least one week in advance. Applicants failing to comply with these regulations will be required to pay fifty percent (50%) of their fee in order to cover the incurred operating cost.

    3.) The right is reserved by the Neshaminy School District to rescind a season permit on any date a building is required for school purposes.

    4.) All school buildings must be closed by 1 0:00 p.m. The use of school facilities after 10:00 p.m. will necessitate the charging of additional custodial fees and other possible fees as determined by the Building Administrator or representative.

    D. Limitations

    1.) All apparatus, equipment and devices owned by the school shall be operated by persons designated by school authorities unless specific permission is granted to the applicant to have other persons do so, but under supervision by school personnel.

    2.) The Neshaminy School District reserves the right to require that checkroom and parking attendants and operators of lighting, sound and projection equipment be designated by the Building Administrator or representative of the school district.

    3.) The applicant is fully responsible for the function named in the application and may not sublet or transfer its permission to use the school facilities or services involved to any person, group or organization.

    4.) It is the responsibility of the sponsor to see that the group is confined to the area of which it is assigned.

    5.) NO SMOKING will be permitted in any area of school facilities.

    6.) It is specifically understood that chancing or giving away by lottery is prohibited. The use of alcoholic beverages within any of the school buildings or on school grounds is also strictly prohibited.

    7.) Gym shoes must be worn on all Gymnasium floors, with the exception of dances.

    8.) The applicant may not install any equipment or make any alterations or adjustments to existing equipment or facilities without specific approval of the Building Administrator or representative.

    9.) Any additional electrical equipment used which cannot be plugged into our present receptacles must be inspected by the Middle Department Rating Assoc. (Underwriters) and a temporary certificate issued. All equipment must be connected 24 hours before the activity is given, and all costs must be paid by the sponsoring group. Application must be made for inspection three (3) days before the activity is to occur.

    E. Responsibilities of the Applicant

    1.) The applicant will be responsible for any theft or damage to school property.

    2.) The applicant will provide such protection as may be necessary to insure the good conduct of persons participating in and attending the function. The school authorities may, at their discretion, take such action as may be necessary to preserve order and to protect school property, but the taking of such action shall not in any way relieve the applicant of his/her responsibilities in that regard.

    3.) The applicant shall have control of the persons to be admitted to the function. However, school officials and custodial employees shall not be refused admission for the purpose of insuring compliance with these regulations. It is understood that custodial personnel who are assigned building coverage for your scheduled function are on duty for the primary purpose of insuring that the District's facilities are being properly utilized or, as agents of the District. They will assist with your needs, if possible, providing their primary function is not compromised.

    4.) If admission is charged, the applicant shall be fully responsible for paying any taxes required by law and shall furnish to the Building Administrator or representative satisfactory evidence of the number of persons who attended the function and of the fact that such taxes have been paid.

    5.) The applicant shall save the Neshaminy School Board of Directors, school officials and employees from any claims arising out of, or in any way connected with, the function for which such applications are made. The applicant shall assume all costs incurred in connection with such functions except the cost of utilities, which are included in the standard charges.


    1.) All decorations must be approved by the Building Administrator or representative prior to their use. Open flame decorations of any kind are prohibited.

    2.) Decorations must be removed from the school property by the applicant prior to the next use of the involved facilities.

    G. Qualifications and Exceptions

    1.) The Neshaminy School District reserves the right to refuse any applicant for good cause or to revoke an applicant which has heretofore been approved. In the event of the revocation of an application, the School District shall refund any fees paid.

    2.) The Neshaminy School District reserves the right to deviate from these regulations in order to include any special problems that may arise.

    3.) Whenever school is closed due to a holiday or weather conditions, the facilities shall be prohibited for use by outside groups.