• Personal and Per Capita Taxes
    Every resident of Neshaminy School District 18 years of age and older must pay this tax.  The only exoneration from this tax is if your total income from ALL sources is less than $5,000 during the twelve month period preceding the date of the bill.  Examples of income include:  Wages or salary, social security, pension, dividends, annuities, interest, retirement, disability, public assistance, unemployment compensation, property rent, and gifts.  There are no exonerations for students.
    Real Estate Taxes
    The real estate tax bills are mailed on July 1st of each year. Every homeowner is responsible for paying the real estate tax. If a bill is not received, it is still your obligation to secure a bill and pay the bill by the due date. Please contact your tax collector with any questions.
    Mercantile and Business Privilege Taxes
    The Neshaminy School District and the municipalities of Langhorne Borough, Penndel Borough, Lower Southampton Township, and Middletown Township, require businesses to obtain a license and file a Mercantile Tax return and a Business Privilege Tax return by September 1st of each year. 


    Questions concerning the Business Taxes should be directed to:

    Berkheimer Associates 

    1-800-360-8989, ext. 3


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