Secondary Learning Opportunities Update

Posted by Chris Stanley on 3/24/2020 3:30:00 PM

Letter from Dr. Rob McGee:

Some Updates on the Learning Opportunities in Canvas.

  1. As expected, there were some technical glitches with access to particular software and/or websites from home on Chromebooks.  NSD Staff is working to correct such issues.  Please continue to email us what isn’t working technologically from your end.
  2. A Middle School Art Learning Opportunities Module has been added.  Thank you Dr. Stacy Potter, NSD Art Lead Teacher!


Learning Opportunities Canvas screenshot

Art activity on Canvas  

  1. As of this email, 2,300 students out of 5,600 in Grades 5 – 12 have not accepted the Invite to the Neshaminy Learning Opportunities Courses.
  2. You can view a video here: on how to “Accept” and access the Learning Opportunities Course.  If you do not see the invitation, please email me, I’ll re-invite you.  (There has been a rash of ‘mysterious’ Invitation Deletions)

Again, please don’t hesitate to call or email questions.


Rob McGee, Ph.D.

Director of Secondary Education
Neshaminy School District