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    Series 500




    Section 500

    Non-Resident Student

    Section 501

    School Entrance Age

    Section 502

    Proof of Residency

    Section 505

    Discipline (Including – Secondary Level Concurrence Addendum)

    Section 506 Gangs

    Section 508

    Student Dress Code

    Section 510

    Alcohol and Other Drugs

    Section 510A

    Anabolic Steroid Use

    Section 511

    Payment of Meals for Students Participating in School Activities

    Section 512

    High School Diploma

    Section 513

    Medical Excusal Form from Physical Education

    Section 514

    Student Driving Permission

    Section 515

    Related Services for Special Education Students

    Section 516

    Academic Eligibility for Student Participation in High School Co-Curricular Activities/Athletics

    Section 517

    HIV Infection

    Section 518

    Child Abuse Reporting

    Section 519

    Surveys of Students

    Section 520

    Student Records

    Section 521 Health Examinations/Screenings

    Section 522

    Student Wellness

    Section 525

    Student Recruitment

    Section 527 Suicidal Awareness and Prevention
    Section 528

    Communicable Disease Prevention

    Section 532

    Student Restrictions Upon Possession, Smoking and Tobacco Use

    Section 533

    Home Education Program

    Section 534

    Suspension and Expulsion

    Section 535


    Section 536

    Administration of Medication

    Section 537

    Administration of Medical Treatments

    Section 538

    Emergency Care and First Aid

    Section 539

    Control of Lice Infestation

    Section 540

    Control of Scabies Infection

    Section 547

    Discrimination & Harassment
    Section 548 Sexual Harassment

    Section 549

    Search of Students and Seizure of Evidence

    Section 551

    Behavior Management

    Section 552

    Student Attendance

    Section 553

    Bullying - Cyberbullying

    Section 554