General Policy Information

  • This section of the district website contains policies and procedures of the Neshaminy School District.  The rules that govern the actions of the District are influenced from a variety of places.  For example, the federal and state governments may impose requirements.  Local perspective may create rules or intended actions which are different in Neshaminy from other districts.  Also, past history may have identified places where rules or explanations are needed.

     There are two main sources of governing rules: 

    • Board Policies

    These policies are created by the Board of School Directors to give direction to the Administration on how the Board would like the District to be run.  These “rules of the road” can be specific or general, depending on the purpose of the Board.  Board Policies are organized by “series”.  

    • District Procedures

    The Administration and other staff offer more detailed implementation of Board Policies and other needed rules through published handbooks or other materials.  District procedures offer a basic understanding of important information and ways in which District employees will operate.  These practices are inline with Board Policies and frequently offer more detail.  Expectations of others (i.e. students, and parents) may also be detailed. 

    The Links on the left can be used to find a specific policy. Updated policies are found in BoardDoc Policies.