• Neshaminy Elementary Education
    Elementary education includes six schools:

    Neshaminy elementary schools serve over 3,300 students in grades K-4. Fifth grade students attend middle school, but maintain an elementary-like schedule utilizing a team teaching approach.

    Neshaminy is proud to offer a full-day kindergarten program. Kindergarten students must reach the age of five by September 1 in order to enroll. The District also hosts several Pre-K Counts classrooms, which offer families that meet income eligibility guidelines the opportunity to enroll their pre-school children in a quality program free of charge.

    Our elementary schools offer a state-of-the-art curriculum designed to build critical thinking skills, offer independent and group project-based learning opportunities, and provide comprehensive reading, writing, math and science programs. The District provides extensitve academic support programs to meet the individual needs of each student.

    Our elementary school students experience a variety of "specials" including art, health & physical education and music.

    Neshaminy operates a 1:1 Technology program for all grades. Each student receives a Chromebook for their own use either in-school, or both in-school and to take home (varies by grade). Using this technology, students can access a wide variety of educational applications and participate in multiple project-based learning activities across subject areas.

    Neshaminy has a long tradition of strong parent, family and community support for academics and school activities. Each school has active PTO organizations, which organize school-wide activities, raise funds for school needs and support the academic programs.