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There are three ways to pay for meals:

1.  Parent Online is the new Online payment system!
We have changed from PayPams since we changed our Point of Sale System.  Your student balances go directly in their account so there is no money to transfer.  The fee will be 5% per transaction ($1.25 for $25.00 deposit.).  Choose Parent Online How To for instructions to get started.  You'll need your child's student ID number to register which you can find on the report card that was mailed to your home last year, or you can ask your child the number they use in their login onto Neshaminy computers, or call your school or cafeteria office for the number. 

2.  Pay by Check (send a check with your child to give to the cashier or Mail Check to your child's school cafeteria)
Prepay for your student's meals by sending a check to your school.  The check should be made out to:  Neshaminy Food Service and  include: student name, grade, and pin number.  Checks can be given to the cashier during breakfast or lunch.
3.  Pay by Cash (to student's school cafeteria)
Your student can pay at the register using their pin number.  They should have their money out of their pocket when approaching the register.
NOTE:  Change is not given to a student but added to the student's account since the money could get lost or be spent on something other than their meal.  If a parent requires change, a letter signed by the parent should be submitted.  We will put a note on the Point of Sale system to give change.  If a parent requests change, Food Service is not responsible if the change does not make it back to the parent.