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David E. Baugh, Ed.D 

 Dr. Baugh

 Dr. Baugh is the Acting Superintendent of the Neshaminy School District.  He holds a doctorate from Seton Hall and two Masters degrees in the fields of education and related social sciences from the University of Pennsylvania and SUNY Geneseo. His undergraduate degree is from the University of Aberdeen (Scotland). Dr. Baugh comes to Neshaminy School District after most recently serving as Superintendent in the Bensalem School District.

We Build Futures
Our School Board, Administrators, Teachers, Support Staff and
Parents are committed to our mission to provide a sound education for
our student population.  Our mission statement simply stated is...
The Neshaminy Community empowers students to become productive citizens and lifelong learners.  Neshaminy - We Build Futures!

Please stay informed.  Support your children and our school district. 
Together we can make a difference.  Let's continue the "
that is embodied within our "
Neshaminy Family."

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