Remember if you are absent from a class for any reason, YOU need to see your teachers to turn in any work that is past due and  make arrangements to make up the lesson you missed at Clinic time or WIN period.
    Extra help CLINIC time is available from 7:25 to 7:55 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. See me the day before for a pass. 
    Students in 6th grade Reading are expected to read one book a month with at least 150 pages or more. At the start of each month, your index card is due with information from the book that you have read. Remember to include your full name, when you have Reading class, the title of your book, the author of your book, the number of pages in your book, and your parent signature after you have discussed the book with your parent.In class, the students keep track of their reading stamina by recording their book information from their index card in a cumulative reading log book and on a cumulative sticker chart in the classroom.
     Please see CANVAS for homework assignments