Welcome to Ms. Stockton's Art Class!
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    Clock Explosion, Salvador Dali, 1954

     The Neshaminy Middle School Art Curriculum is a disciplined-based program which incorporates Art Production, Art History, Art Criticism, and Art Aesthetics.   The students will develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes through sequential and developmental experience in art.



    Students use a variety of materials, techniques, and study an array of art styles throughout the course.   

    The Pennsylvania State Visual Art Standards are a central part of instruction in the Art Room. Lessons involve the art disciplines of:

    · Production - the making of art including: drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics and sculpture.

    · Historical & Cultural Context - learning about artists, and history, and art from various cultures.

    · Critical Response - examining and discussing famous works of art as well as student art work.

    · Aesthetic Response - how individuals respond to a work of art.

    Maple Point Spring Art Show
    Over the course of the year, student artwork will be displayed throughout our school.  The projects selected represent the variety of art created by our students.  The art staff displays work from as many students as possible.  Project criteria, participation in class, and diversity of art work are considered when selecting pieces to display. 
    In the spring, we open our doors for family and friends to join us during our annual school art show.

    Neshaminy District Art Show

      The District Art Show is held at the end of each school year. We are VERY PROUD of the art produced at Maple Point Middle School.  Please understand that space at the art show is VERY LIMITED.   Each art teacher can only select 60 pieces of art from the entire school year.  Only the highest quality art pieces, best exemplifying the given criteria for each project over ALL ROTATIONS, are selected.