Maple Point Middle School
    2250 Langhorne-Yardley Road
    Langhorne, PA 19047 

    215-809-6580 (FAX)

    Neil French
    Assistant Principal, Grades 5 and 7
    Kristen McCreary
    Assistant Principal, Grades 6 and 8
     Office Staff
    Pam Doheny Secretary,  Principal Email 215-809-6230
    Christine Gallagher Secretary, Assistant Principal Email 215-809-6238
    Julianne Flocke Attendance Secretary Email 215-809-6235
    Kim Whitlock Secretary, Counselors Email 215-809-7234

    Student Support Staff
        James Hadley Coordinator of Student Affairs Email  Website 215-809-6233
        Kaitlin Trainor Counselor, 5th Grade Email Website 215-809-7234
        Rob Crozier Counselor: 6th Grade Email  Website 215-809-7234
        David Martys Counselor: 7th Grade Email  Website 215-809-7234
        Christy Rawson-Kealey Counselor:  8th Grade Email  Website 215-809-7234
        Krista Haggerty RN, BSN, CSN
    Sharon Kneiss RN
    Nurse Email
     Website 215-809-6236
        Greg Lausch Home & School Visitor Email   215-809-6596