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    Drafting and Design
    The Drafting and Design area of Maple Point's Technology Education Department
    introduces students to a form of graphic communication that involves the
    preparation of drawings needed to develop and manufacture products and
    structures. A basic introduction to architectural drafting includes floor planning
    and interior design. Computer Aided Drafting/Design (CADD) is used extensively
    at all grade levels.


    Sixth, Seventh and Eighth grade students identify the many fields of drafting.
    A wide range of skills are explored from basic measuring and sketching to 3D
    computer modeling.


    A computer-aided design program is used to create 2D and 3D drawings.
    Architectural design is introduced using advanced modeling software. Students
    draw plans and decorate the interior of a house.


    Maple Point's Design and Drafting program is an excellent experience for students
    who have a general interest in design or those who may be considering a career in
    technical fields such as engineering or architecture. Students may further extend
    their knowledge of these subjects with advanced CADD courses when they enter
    the high school.
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