• Production Technology
    Maple Point's Production Technology program is comprised of the areas of Manufacturing, Construction and Materials. Both girls and boys learn about how products and structures are made and what they are made from.

    Seventh graders generally take this course for one marking period, every other day. They learn about the resources of Production Technology such as materials, information, tools/machines and energy. They are taught about how materials are formed and processed. They learn about manufacturing techniques such as mass production, automation, robotics, flexible manufacturing and more.

    Students also design and build a project. Safety is emphasized above all and proper safety equipment and procedures are used at all times. Students get hands-on experience with both hand and power tools in the production of a variety of products/projects.

    In ninth grade, students may elect to take a 'Technology Education Major' course that meets every day, all year. In this course, students learn more advanced production techniques/tool use and explore many more technological areas.

    There are also elective courses in Production Technology at the high school level. All of the above are excellent courses for both male and female students who are interested in pursuing a career in manufacturing or construction or simply have an interest in home repair or a hobby.