• Power Technology
    Power Technology (Power Tech) consists of three related areas: Power, Energy and Transportation. This class is generally given to students in eighth grade for one marking period, meeting every other day.

    Power Technology is the study of how we are affected by Power/Energy/Transportation and the importance these areas have to the world, the economy, our community and our families. Students learn about terms related to Power Technology, what our primary energy sources are and where they come from. They learn about the effect of energy use on the environment and what we can do to make a positive impact. The class also investigates possible future energy sources such as wind, solar, biomass, alternative fuels, etc.

    Beyond the academic component of the class, students also are involved in an activity/project. Typical activities are balloon powered vehicles, rubber band cars or a vehicle safety test where a model car is crashed into a barrier to see if the passenger (a raw egg) can survive.

    Students with continued interest in the areas of Power, Energy and Transportation can pursue these topics by taking the 'Technology Education' major class in ninth grade. Students may also take both basic and advanced Power Technology classes when they reach the high school.

    The Power Technology program gives all students a valuable experience in a serious topic that affects the whole world. It is also a great subject for students who wish to go on to a career in energy, engineering, transportation, etc.