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  • My child was sent home sick. When can they return?

    • If your child has a fever, they must remain home until fever free for 24 hours without using fever-reducing medication.
    • If your child has been vomiting or had diarrhea, they must remain home for 24 hours once symptoms subside.
    • Please notify your school nurse if your child has an illness that requires them to miss more than 3 consecutive days.
    • Please contact the nurse with any medical concerns, conditions, or need for care while in school. The school nurse will discuss the student's potential needs and gladly plan for your child's care and comfort to ensure academic success while in school.

    My child had an injury. What information do you need?

    • If your child was seen by a healthcare provider for an injury, there may be restrictions or accommodations the nurse should be aware of.
    • Please bring a note from your child's doctor, urgent care or emergency department. The nurse will communicate any special needs to appropriate staff members.
    • If your child may need pain medicine like Tylenol or Ibuprofen during school hours, consider having your healthcare provider complete a medication order form. The nurse is not able to administer over-the-counter medications without an order.  

    My child was prescribed medication and they must take it during school hours. What information do you need?

    • All prescription and over-the-counter medications must have a written order from your child's health care provider in order to be dispensed during school hours.
    • Refer to the medication section of this website for the specific forms you'll need to complete. A doctor's note or letter will be accepted as well.
    • The district physician has provided standing orders to administer Tums, oral pain relief gel, hydrocortisone cream, calamine lotion, anti-itch gel, sting-kill swabs, vaseline, and antibiotic ointment if necessary. Please do not send these in with your child.
    • The nurse's office has liquid and chewable Tylenol (Acetaminophen) and Motrin (Ibuprofen) on hand. These cannot be administered, however, without a written order from your child's healthcare provider. 
    • Contact the nurse with any questions or concerns.