Supply List for 6th grade Reading

  • Individual Supplies:

     ** Students will need an independent reading book throughout the school year. Students can rent books from my classroom library, MPMS library or bring in personal books.**

    1. 8 1/2 by 11 inch 5 subject notebook  

    2. 1-inch binder

    3. Sticky notes - can be any color, size etc.. will be used to take notes inside independent reading book, will need at least a pack per marking period

    7. Glue sticks - 4 for the entire year

    8. Pencils

    9. Highlighters

    10. Two Pocket folder


    Donations to the Classroom:

    1. Tissues

    2. Hand Sanitizer

    3. Books for the classroom library


    Parents -please note that a lot of these supplies can be shared throughout the classes like glue sticks, highlighters etc..