• General Information
    My name is Jason Pienta, this is my 16th year teaching Learning Support at Maple Point Middle School.  Since starting at Maple Point in 1998, I have taught 6th and 7th grade Special Education.  I have co-taught science and/or math for the last nine years.  For the 2014-2015 school year, I will be co-teaching science with Mr. Tim Hunt.  I look forward to an exciting year.  I enjoy surfing, snowboarding, bike riding and playing video games.
    My general philosophy is to engage students in meaningful learning-and have fun in the process.  I employ a variety of methodologies and techniques that include  direct instruction, inductive and deductive reasoning, whole group instruction, small group instruction, individualized instruction, and differentiated instruction.   
    Students generally have homework Monday through Thursday.  When students enter the class they need to copy his or her homework into his or her agenda and have the teacher sign the agenda.  Next, students have the opportunity to ask questions about homework from the night before.  Students then complete a warm-up that reviews previously taught material.  New content is then introduced and practiced.  The last five minutes of class are given to the students to decompress and or start homework.