Learning Support/8th:


    My name is Tony Devine, this is my 22nd year teaching Learning Support at Maple Point Middle School. Since starting at Maple Point in 1994, I have taught both 8th and 9th grade Special Education.  

     I have a wife and three children.  My oldest son is 22 and is a senior in college and my two girls are in 4th and 6th grade.
    My general philosophy is to engage students in meaningful learning-and have fun in the process. I employ a variety of methodologies and techniques that include direct instruction, whole group instruction, small group instruction, individualized instruction, and differentiated instruction.
    Students generally have homework 2 to 3 times per week.  When students enter the class they need to copy their homework into his/her agenda.  There will also be an objective(Learning Target) on the board so students can get a visual of what they will learn that class period.
    New content will be introduced and practiced. The last five minutes of class we will review what we learned in class with a short "ticket out" strategy.  A "ticket out" is basically a way of reinforcing what was learned in the class before the students exit class.