• Maple Point Middle School Physical Education Information Sheet

    Maple Point Physical Education Program includes a variety of activities.  The program fulfills needs for physical, mental, social, and emotional development.   Physical Education is a required subject and each student is expected to participate to their fullest capacity.

    Appropriate Attire

    1. Proper attire includes a T-shirt (preferably red), and athletic shorts for physical education class.  We will be selling Maple Point PE T-shirts and shorts to be worn in PE classes, (refer to the back side of this sheet to order shirts).  Students must change out of school clothing for class.  PE clothing may not be worn to other classes.  Students must wear socks and sneakers that tie.  School dress code applies (no spaghetti strap tank tops and shorts must be a 6” inseam). No unacceptable pictures or writing on clothing.
    2. Sweat shirts and sweat pants are permitted and may be needed for cool weather.
    3. Jewelry should be left at home or removed/locked up during class for safety reasons.

    Excuse Notes


    1. Parent notes are valid for up to 2 consecutive classes. A doctor’s note is required for a longer period of time. The note must include a date and excused time frame. 
    2. Doctors’ notes only need to be brought to the nurse in the morning before homeroom and the nurse will give you an excuse note to give to the PE teacher. Parent notes go directly to the PE teacher.
    3. The PE teacher may assign the student to the library during an extended medical excuse. In the library the student will be required to complete a worksheet acquired from the librarian, and returned to the librarian.

    Locker Room


    1. Students are to go directly into the locker room prior to physical education class and to remain in the locker room to change (about 7 minutes) until dismissed and accompanied to the gym by their PE teacher.  Students are not to be in any gym area unsupervised.

          2.  Students are highly recommended to bring in a lock to use on the lockers in the

    locker room.  The students are only allowed to use the lockers during class

    time.  They are to remove the lock after each class and bring it to every class.    

    Valuables must be left in hall lockers. There is no reason to bring purses or cell   

    phones to the locker room. We are not responsible for lost items.



    1. The physical education grade is made up of 6 criteria: active participation, safe practices (behavior), preparedness (appropriate clothing), skill improvement, working well with others, and assessments.
    2. There is no gum chewing in Physical Education classes.