• The middle school years are characterized by the term "transition." During these years, students experience more physical and emotional changes than in any other year other than infancy. The middle school counselors assist students, parents, and staff in dealing with this transitional phase. Programs in middle school assist students with:
    • Making choices and dealing with changes
    • Setting goals
    • Organizing information
    • Learning about themselves and dealing with personal relationships
    • Developing skills related to decision making and problem solving
    The middle school counselor's role encompasses coordination, consulting, and counseling. Coordination involves managing various aspects of services that help students succeed. Consultation is a key vehicle used to address the needs of the emerging adolescent student. The middle school counselor consults with parents, teachers, and other educational professionals on personal, social, and academic matters. The school counselor delivers services through a variety of methods such as individual counseling, small group counseling, and classroom guidance. In any counseling situation, the particular topics are based upon the needs of the students.