• Mission Statement
    Beliefs, Vision & Beyond



    I believe that all children having dignity and worth, regardless of individual talents, disabilities, ethnic, cultural or racial differences can learn and become successful. Children should be given the opportunity to learn in a safe, mutually respectful and caring environment. As an enduring understanding, learning requires the active participation and individual accountability of students, teachers, parents and community members alike.  All children have the right to participate in a school counseling program.  It is such beliefs that allow a school counselor to serve in the capacity and advocate for all children.  


    The school counselor is a student advocate, an educational specialist trained to maximize the academic, personal/social, and career competencies of all children.  They are professionals who innately care about the progression of student learning, the development of self and its identity, and through attainment of career related objectives.  All students’ individual differences and special needs are considered part of the counseling program.  There is a collaborative effort among the school counselor, administration and teachers to coordinate this vision with parents and the community. 


    Much of what a competent school counselor does on a daily basis is in step with the comprehensive counseling program, guidance curriculum and mission statement.  Counseling programs should include education that extends beyond the classroom environment and allows students to develop lifelong skills that can assist them in the pursuit of their life goals.  Beyond the scope of counseling services, the school counselor is given the opportunity to positively impact the school's climate.  School counselors have served in coaching and co-curricular roles as a way to enhance the student counselor relationship and promote a positive school climate.  In sum, school counselors are building operatives and climate specialists whom play an important role in the culture and climate of a school.