• System 44 Model
    System 44 is designed for daily use by a small class (10-12 students), with students rotating between the Software and Small-Group Differentiated instruction or modeled & independent reading. The program can be used effectively during a regular class period, in a resource room, and in after-and summer-school programs. Students alternate between small-group differentiation and modeled/independent reading.

    Whole-Group Instruction 

    Whole-Group Introduction

    Teachers begin each day with a language warm up and setting the day’s language and instructional goals.

    Small-Group Rotations

    Small-Group Instruction

    Teachers present targeted small-group instruction based on data-driven reports from the Software. Students build fluency and stamina through modeled and independent reading.

    Small Group Instruction

    Modeled & Independent Reading

    Students build fluency and reading comprehension skills through modeled and independent reading.

    44 Book

    44 Library
    Instructional Software

    Students work independently on the Software and receive intensive, individualized instruction and skills practice

    Research-based data on System 44