• Kindergarten Supply List

    (Please send in all materials first day of school with your child in a reusable shopping bag)
    1 plastic rectangular pencil box
    2 boxes of pencils
    1 pair of scissors
    2 boxes of 24 crayons
    8 pack of crayola markers (Neon or pastel please:)
    12 pack of purple Elmer's Glue Sticks
    2 boxes of tissues
    2 packages Clorox wipes
    1 bottle of hand soap or hand Sanitizer
                                                                      1 box sandwich baggies
    1 box snack OR 1 box gallon bags
    2 thick folders with pockets on bottom! (the plastic kind- they hold up longer throughout the year)
    1 art smock (Mom or Dad's old t-shirt works best!)
    Reusable Shopping Bag to be kept in the classroom for independent reading- label with name
     1 healthy snack and drink for the morning
    2 marble Composition Books