Fifth grade utilizes a program called Reading Fundamentals and consists of lessons to guide instruction in the areas of Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry.
    Fiction Overview
    What is Fiction?
    The Structure of Fiction
    Elements of a Story
    Analyzing Characters
    Exploring Point of View
    Historical Fiction
    Examining a Modern-Day Fairy Tale
    Identifying Theme
    Nonfiction Overview
    Intro to Nonfiction
    The Look of Reference Nonfiction
    Structures of Nonfiction
    How Do We Read Nonfiction?
    Unlocking Unfamiliar Vocabulary
    Determining Author's Purpose
    How We Check for Understanding
    Poetry Overview
    What Do We Notice About Poetry?
    Paying Attention to the Sound of Poetry
    Can You Picture This?
    What's the Big Idea?
    What Does This Make You Think and Feel?
    Unlocking Meaning
    What Does This Say?
    Building Bridges