• Students should only miss a Band, Orchestra, or Chorus rehearsal if they are absent from school or if a family problem occurs. A note or email must follow when a student returns to school if the student is not on the school absentee bulleting. If there is a conflict in advance, the student should see their director to work out the problem. Students who miss rehearsals on a regular basis may not be permitted to participate in the upcoming concert. Car-pooling is suggested for the before school rehearsals.

    **Drop-off for rehearsals is at door #22 of the auditorium circle. For security and safety reasons, door #22 is open from 6:40 a.m. to 6:55 a.m., and the door will be closed. Per administration, once the door is closed we are not permitted to open it for anybody who knocks. Please be on time for rehearsals.**  

    Rehearsals start the week of 9/11/23.

Student Expectations for Rehearsals

    • Arrive to rehearsals on time.
    • Come to rehearsal prepared with instruments in working order, music, pencil, and any necessary accessories.
    • Students are NOT permitted to go to their school lockers in the morning before rehearsals.
    • No gum chewing or food/drink (other than water)
    • Be respectful, courteous and follow good rehearsal etiquette.
    • Remember that all school rules apply.