•  Moira Manila, BSN,M.Ed,RN,CSN

    The School of Health Law requires medical examinations for middle school children in sixth grade, and dental examinations in seventh grade. We recommend that these examinations be done by your family physician and dentist since they can best evaluate your child’s health and assist you in obtaining necessary treatments and corrections. The appropriate forms were sent home with your child in May. Additional forms are available below.  Please return these forms on or before October 1st or call the nurse’s office with the scheduled physical or dental date. If the forms are not received, then your child will be scheduled to see the school physician or dentist.  If you need assistance obtaining medical insurance for your children, please contact the school nurse for available resources.


    No prescribed or over the counter medication shall be dispensed by any school district personnel unless the school nurse has on file an order from a physician plus written parental permission authorizing the appropriate personnel to dispense the medication in accordance with the directions of the physician. 

    The medication form is available at the above link.

    The physician’s order shall include:

    • The name of the student
    • The name of the medication
    • The dosage of the medication and the route of administration
    • The time and the frequency of the administration
    • The name, address and phone number of the prescribing physician

    Any medication administered by school personnel must be delivered to the school nurse, the school principal or his/her designee and is required to be in a container appropriately labeled by a pharmacy or physician. [Medication in plastic bags, envelopes, old pill bottles or medication bottles belonging to other family members will not be accepted.]


    The Neshaminy School District, in partnership with St Mary Medical Center, is currently sponsoring Kidshape for children who are residents of the Neshaminy School District. "Kidshape is an eight-week fun-filled program that will start your child and your whole family on a lifetime of health and confidence."  The program has a nutritional, physical and behavior component.

    For more information, call 215-710-4590 or visit www.kidshape.com

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