Team Norton/Prendergast 
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    Social Studies 
    This year we will be covering American History from the 1400's to the last 1700's.
    We will also be covering a geography unit early in the year. 

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    Science instruction consists of 3 modules
    Levers and Pulleys
    Models and Designs
    Math in Focus
    This year you will make connections in math with the Math in Focus program. Math in Focus: The Singapore Approach is the world-class math curriculum from Singapore adapted for U.S. classrooms
    You will learn concepts in an engaging format and practice those concepts to develop a deep understanding through problem solving, games, and discussions.
    The Curriculum
    • building problem-solving skills and strategies
    • multiplying and dividing 2-digit numbers, fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals
    • solving equations and evaluating inequalities
     finding area of a triangle, and surface area and volume of three-dimensional shapes
    • using ratios and percents, and finding the probability of an event
    • applying properties of angles, triangles, and four-sided figures
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