Auditions for Monday, December 5th in the AUDITORIUM

    Part & Song Recommendation


    Morticia - "Just Around The Corner"

    Gomez - "What If"

    Mal - "When You're An Addams"

    Alice - "When You're An Addams"

    Lucas - "When You're An Addams"

    Wednesday - "Pulled"

    Auditions for Tuesday, December 6th in ROOM B-1

    Fester - "The Moon And Me"

    Pugsley - "What If"

    Grandma - "When You're An Addams"



    While there are suggestions in the packet for "Male" and "Female" roles, you may choose the song that you want for your audition.  I divided them up in the way that makes the most sense (and the way they were portrayed in the original production), but you may try for the character you want.  I advise EVERYONE to learn EVERYTHING in the packet because you MAY NOT be called back for the character you auditioned for and you MAY NOT be cast in the role that you auditioned for.  I always advise students to be prepared with what is in the packet.


    Each song has a vocal track first, followed by the audition track.  The vocal track has the singers from The Addams Family singing along with you.  The audition track is what you will literally hear at your audition and has no help from singers, it is just background music (like karaoke).


    1.  "When You're An Addams"  This is for EVERYONE.  If you are not sure what to sing and want to audition, sing this.

    When You're An Addams: Vocal Track

    When You're An Addams: Audition Track


    2.  "Just Around The Corner"  This is a big song for Morticia, but might interest you.  The audition will likely start at measure 15.

    Just Around The Corner: Vocal Track

    Just Around The Corner: Audition Track


    3.  "Pulled"  This is a major number for Wednesday.  Learn all of it.

    Pulled: Vocal Track

    Pulled: Audition Track


    4.  "What If"  Gomez and Pugsley sing their own version of this song, but it is open for anyone to try.

    What If: Vocal Track

    What If: Audition Track


    5.  "The Moon And Me"  This is a big moment for Uncle Fester, but all may have a crack at it.  We will likely start at measure 10.

    The Moon And Me: Vocal Track

    The Moon And Me: Audition Track