• Poquessing Warrior Wrestling 2023-2024

    4 out of 6 of the lineman drafted in the first round of the 2020 NFL draft wrestled in high school. If you think lifting some weights for an hour 3 times a week is going to make you better at football, think again! Wanna know how to manhandle people? WRESTLE! (GDTBA)

    Wrestling: The sport that makes you better at every other sport! - Video

    J.T. Realmuto's rich wrestling roots helped him grow into a standout catcher. (Read the article)

    2023-2024 Wrestling Schedule

      Coaching Staff

    Head Coach - Grant Passman

    Asst. Coach - James Pecuch

    Asst. - Joe Norton

     The 2023-2024 Wrestling Season starts Monday, November 13th.

    If you aren't playing another sport, you should already be conditioning yourself. (running, pushups, pull ups, sit ups, crunches, stretching, etc...)If you haven't started, at least get going over these next two weeks. It's only a couple of weeks, but it will help.


    Wrestling Apparel Sale

    Wrestling apparel sale is now through Thursday, December 21st. Click link to view merchandise. Youth sizes and adult sizes are offered. Make sure you order the correct size. Exchanges will not be made.

    Wrestling Apparel Sale (Ends Thursday, December 21st)

    Schedule Update:

    Middle School Night at the High School will be...(TBD) All wrestlers attending the high school match wearing a Poquessing Wrestling hoodie will get in free. Come and support our High School wrestlers.

    LBCL Wrestling Tournament

    LBCL Wrestling Tournament is ....More information to follow. Tournament will be held at Council Rock South. Weigh-ins begin at 9:00 AM. Meet at Council Rock South by 8:30 AM. Permission slip is required in order to attend. Click link below for more information.

    2024 Individual Tournament Permission Form & Information

     All wrestlers MUST be registered on the FAMILY ID site. Please click link to register.

    Family ID Registration

     Weight Classes for Middle School Wrestling

    80 -  87 - 94 - 101 - 108 - 115 - 122 - 130 - 138 - 145 - 155 - 170 - 190 - 210- 250

    -The minimum weight for an 80lb contestant is 66lbs. A wrestler is permitted to wrestle up one weight class above the actual weight at weigh in.


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