• This course will allow students to take creative and intellectual risks while performing in a variety of drama based activities including pantomime, tableaux, improvisation and puppetry and mask making.

    Throughout the drama unit students will gain confidence as they become more and more willing and able to perform for an audience.  In addition, they will become respectful audience members who are able to make keen observations and reflect on what they’ve seen.


    •  2 Pocket Folder
    • Pen or pencil
    • Agenda Book
    • Positive Attitude



    • Be Prepared
    • Be Positive
    • Participate
    • Only speak when you have the floor
    • Respect everyone and everything in the classroom
    • Use appropriate voice levels


    • Verbal warning
    • Parent contact
    • Discipline referral (formal write-up)


    • All students will Participate in every class with a positive attitudeStudents will arrive on time
    • Students will collaborate on group projects, forge working relationships, value others’ opinions while seeing the value in theirs, and will strive to maintain order = positive conflict resolution.
    • Students will seek help