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    Free and Reduced Meals Program
    The federal meal subsidy program for all students enacted during the pandemic has expired.
    Families wishing to apply for the Free & Reduced meal program should follow the instructions on the link at the bottom of the page. 

    Your child may be eligible for the Free and Reduced Meals Program. The program provides breakfast and lunch for a reduced price or for free, based on your income. The program is confidential. Children eligible for the program receive a meal card that is the same meal card full-paying students receive. There is no difference.

    Income eligibility guidelines are used to determine if a child is eligible for free or reduced breakfast and lunch at school. You will find the guidelines chart on the NSD Food Services website. Your child may be eligible for free or reduced meals. 

    Please click on the link below to go to NSD Food Services...it's that easy!

    Free and Reduced Meals Reminders:

    • In order for your child to receive free or reduced cost meals, a new application must be submitted annually.
    • Applications are available in 48 different languages.  If you need assistance applying, please contact Schweitzer's front office.


    New for 2023-2024

    • Breakfast is free for all Neshaminy students!
    • Lunch will be free for students eligible for the Reduced Lunch Program as well as students eligible for the Free Lunch Program.