• Mrs. Susan Bowman Subject/Grade:4
       Ever since the 2nd grade, I have wanted to be a teacher!  To achieve my goal, I attended Temple University for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees.  Time has passed so quickly!  I have already been teaching for more than 20 years.  Yikes! Although I have been teaching 4th grade for some time, I started out at the middle school level.  For 3 years I taught Language Arts at Poquessing Middle School to 6th graders.  After that, I moved to Schweitzer to teach 3rd grade for a few years.  About 16 years ago I changed grades and taught 4th grade at Lower South Elementary.  Shortly after that, I returned to Schweitzer.  I feel very happy to work in such a wonderful school.
       Aside from teaching, I have many other interests.  My biggest is family.  My husband is a principal at Mastbaum High School in Philadelphia.  My son, Jackson, is 17 and Nicholas is 14 years old.  Jackson is now in 11th grade and Nicholas is in 8th. As you can imagine, they keep me very busy.  With them I spent lots of time at skate parks this summer.  I am dangerous on a skate board, so I have lots of other ways I like to spend my time.  I love to write, draw, garden, run, and read.  As long as the weather is bearable, you would most likely find me outside. 
       We really want to get a dog, but it just hasn't been the right time.  However, we are fortunate to have a sweet 18 year old cat named Tibby who is kind and gentle.  She spends a lot of time napping these days.  When she wakes, Tibby usually heads for some food and then back again to rest.