• Week of 1/13/20

    F-5 Weekly Flyer

    Happy New Year!



    100 Book Challenge – 15 min. per night or 1 hour per week. (Your child may read silently to themselves, read aloud to you, or you read aloud to them.) As your child reads, ask him/her to identify the following: main characters, setting, plot, and /or problem and solution. If the book is non-fiction, have your child identify main idea and details.

    Word Work: city, circle, nice, space, pencil, excited, age, page, huge, large, giant, gentle

    Backpack Page 48 – Keep at home.

    Backpack Page 49 – Read 5x

    Backpack Page 50

    Backpack Page 51

    Test on Friday

    Math: Unit 2: Adding and Subtracting 2 Digit Numbers

    Fluency and Skill Practice – More Ways to Show Addition


    Weekly Reminders and Events

    1/16 – Panera Dine-Out

    1/20 – No School: Martin Luther King Day


    Have a great week!

    Rachel Eastwood