Week of 3/2/20

    F-5 Weekly Flyer



    100 Book Challenge – 15 min. per night or 1 hour per week. (Your child may read silently to themselves, read aloud to you, or you read aloud to them.) As your child reads, ask him/her to identify the following: main characters, setting, plot, and /or problem and solution.  If the book is non-fiction, have your child identify main idea and details.

    Dr. Seuss: Students are welcome to bring in their favorite Dr. Seuss book to share with the class during the month of March.

    Word Work: 9.2 Skill: schwa – letters o, a, e make the short u sound.

    above, adult, against, America, amount, apart, happen, children, kitten, button, ribbon, cotton

    Backpack page 6 – Keep at home.

    Backpack page 8

    Backpack page 9

    Test on Friday



    Fluency – Read Across America Poem

    Please have your child read their poem aloud to you several times throughout the week in order to help them strengthen their oral reading fluency.

    Math: Unit 2: Adding and Subtracting 2 Digit Numbers

    Lesson 9 Review

    Weekly Reminders and Events

    Read Across America Week: See attached flyer.

    Bingo Basket donations due.


    Have a wonderful week!

    Rachel Eastwood