• Read 180

       Read 180 is a reading intervention technology program created to meet the specific needs of students whose reading achievement is below grade level (typically about two grade levels behind).  Read 180 blends instruction from the teacher with innovative computer software that will track your child’s growth and customizes instruction to meet their needs. Read 180 is designed for use in a small group setting, with students rotating between the software, small group differentiated instruction, and independent reading.  This program is designed to meet the common core standards. 

    SRI and SPI Tests

       The Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) and Scholastic Phonics Inventory (SPI) are given three - four times a year in September, January, and May/June.  The SRI is a 20-30 minute reading test designed to measure a child’s reading level based on how well they comprehend the passages they are given.  The SRI is a reliable and validated measure of decoding and sight word reading fluency. The test will identify students as pre-decoders, beginning decoders, developing decoders, and advancing decoders.


       Your child has a binder/folder in my class that is utilized for their Read 180 portfolio.  All work completed in class is kept in this binder/folder throughout the year.  Work will be sent home throughout the year for you to see as well.

    Independent Reading

       The Read 180 library provides age-appropriate texts for students who are to help them develop a joy for reading.  After students take their SRI test they are to independently chose an independent reading book with a lexile that falls within 100 points below or 50 points above their current lexile level. 

       The independent reading rotation is designed to help foster student choice, build stamina, and grow their love for reading.  These books allow students to work on building their reading comprehension, reading fluency, and vocabulary.   Students will complete activities while reading the book to reinforce comprehension skills, and will understand reading is not just reading words, but making meaning of what you are reading.  Finally, they will take an online quiz at the end of each book to check their understanding of what was read.

    rbook and Instructional Software

       During small group students will work with the teacher using their interactive workbook that covers a variety of skills.  The work is scaffolded so that over time the student is expected to independently be able to display a knowledge of the skill with texts read in class.  There is also an additional writing piece in the rbook, which will allow your child to have more time working on applying their encoding skills, as well as improving their written expression.

       The instructional software will allow your child to work and move at their own pace.  I am able to view how they are doing on each part of the software, and intervene when necessary.  The software includes phonics decoding and word strategies, fluency, reading comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, and writing skills.  In class, students are able to utilize their iPads to work on the Read 180 software.

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