Math in Focus



               Math in Focus provides an authentic Singapore math curriculum-highlighting problem solving as the focus of mathematic learning.  MIF teaches concepts using a concrete-pictorial-abstract learning progression to anchor learning in real-world, hands-on experiences, supported by seamless integration of technology with the use of Interactive Whiteboard activities, online student activities, and online manipulatives.

                One thing that is important to note is that we are teaching skills by topic, not chapters.  While most of each topic will come from the same chapter, you will notice that parts of other chapters may be mixed in to provide complete coverage of a topic.   

    White Binder

                Every child is required to have a 1 inch, white binder for math.  Inside each of their math binders are 4 sections; notes, workbook, extra practice, and paper.  At the beginning of each chapter your child will receive most of the papers that they will need for the entire chapter.  At the end of each chapter, we will ask that they empty out all papers so that we can move on to the next chapter.  This binder should come home each night. 

                However, as we move towards a more digital classroom, you will notice us using the white binder less and less over time.  The goal is to have an almost paperless classroom and utilize our Chromebooks more.  Using our learning management system, Canvas, all papers and notes that your child will need will be posted for them to access at any time. Canvas also includes videos to help your student review concepts taught in school that they may be having trouble with, completing homework or to use when reviewing for a test.  

    Workbook, Extra Practice, and Reteach Pages

                At the beginning of each chapter, I will provide your child with a packet that will contain all of the pages they will need as we move through the chapter.  The workbook pages, along with the reteach and extra practice pages, will be used for us to complete practice problems in class and for homework practice.


                Homework will be assigned each night of the week.  Homework will always be written in your child’s agenda book and posted on my website.   Please keep in mind that if your child ever forgets their homework packet at school, the workbook pages can be printed out through Think Central.  I do not usually give homework over the weekend, with the exception of studying for an upcoming test.  Finally, starting soon they will also receive weekly or monthly fact fluency homework to continue to work on building their fact fluency skills.

    ************You can check the HOMEWORK link on this website to find out what the homework is for each night.************


                Your child will be given at least one week notice before a test.  A week before each test I will send home a Study for Success sheet that needs to be handed in the day of the test.  This sheet should be filled out throughout the week leading up to the test to help your child stay organized and accountable when preparing for the upcoming test.  At the end of the notes section in your child’s binder they will have a chapter study guide that can be utilized when studying as well.  Most likely we will not get to all of the practice problems in the workbook and reteach sections.  These problems would be a good idea for your child to complete when studying.  All tests will be sent home for you to review with your child.  Many times they are given a chance to complete test corrections to earn back points and help their final average.  


                       All points are weighted the same and final grades are based on total points earned for the marking period out of total points possible for the marking period.

               Classwork - Most independent work is counted as a classwork grade.  This typically occurs 1-2 times per week.  This allows me to check for understanding as we move through the lessons/chapters.  Often times with this work they are given a chance to correct any mistakes I find the first time I check their work.  If your child is absent for classwork they will make it up when they return.  Occasionally, the work may be something that cannot be made up late and therefore your child will be excused from the assignment.

               Homework - Almost all homework is worth 2 points each night regardless of the amount.  Homework points are given for completion and not based on right or wrong answers.  Any homework turned in late will be worth half credit up until the end of the marking period.  Students are often reminded of outstanding homework assignments and encouraged to check Home access to be aware of what work they are missing.

               Test/Quizzes - Each test/quiz is worth a different value based on the amount of problems and types of problems on the test/quiz.  Sometimes multiple quizzes are utilized over a chapter, rather than a "big" test at the end.  Many times students are offered a chance to "earn back" points by completing test corrections at home in the time given.

    Think Central

                Think Central is a website that your child has access to throughout the year.  On this website your child can view the text book, print out extra workbook pages, and use the online manipulatives. 



                IXL is a web-based program that targets individual skills based on the common core standards.  Your child should be receiving their login information shortly.  This will be a fantastic resource for your child to work on building their math skills.  For further information on IXL please visit the website:  https://www.ixl.com/math/.


    Mobymax is utilized in class as an intervention program to work on filling in the missing gaps.  It allows students to work on skills they have yet to master, need review with, or just need a refresher of.  Your child should know their login information.  Using your child's login information, you can sign-in as a parent to see how your child is doing while working on the program.  Any questions, please let me know.        https://www.mobymax.com/signin

     Other Websites:

    Thinking Blocks: http://www.mathplayground.com/thinkingblocks.html

    Khan Academy: https://www.khanacademy.org/


    Contact Info:

    If you have any questions or concerns at any point during the year please contact me at kfeeney@neshaminy.org.  Email is the best way to get a hold of me, but feel free to also write a note in your child’s agenda book or call me at 215-809-6952.