Color Field Prints

  • Color field painting emerged out of the attempts of several artists in the late 1940s to devise a modern, mythic art. Seeking to connect with the primordial emotions locked in ancient myths, rather than the symbols themselves, they sought a new style that would do away with any suggestion of illustration.
  • Color field painting marks a major development in abstract painting, since it was the first style to resolutely avoid the suggestion of a form or mass standing out against a background. Instead, figure and ground are one, and the space of the picture, conceived as a field, seems to spread out beyond the edges of the canvas.

The 4th graders will be creating Color Field Monoprints.  Using a variety of colors and textural materials, plates are inked and textures are applied to the plate.  The inked plates are printed first with the textural materials and then another print is created without the textural materials.  Students are engaging with artist quality materials in professional printmaking practices.

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