• Baby/Hand Wipes

    We are in desparate need of donations of hand wipes!  As the students are using paint, printmaking, clay, etc. we need a quick way to clean up those messy hands!  It is too difficult to use the sinks in the room - it takes over 10 mintures to wash hands when that precious time could be spent working on artwork.

    Thanks in advance for your donations!

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  • Unsented Hand Wipes, tissues, hand cream, Lysol wipes, plastic containers with lids

    Throughout the school year we are in need of certain items that are not provided by the school district. 

    Because of the location and size of the sink, it is too difficult to washh ands after messy art making.  Hand/baby wipes make hand clean up a breeze!  Hand wipes also do a better job of cleaning hands than soap and are less drying. 

    Tissues are always needed for runny noses and covering sneezes.

    Hand cream comes in handy when working with certain materials like clay that are naturally drying.

    Lysol wipes (or generic equivalent) come in handy for cleaning the tables and disinfecting them as well.  Hopefully, we can keep those germs at bay.

    Plastic containers in all sizes and shapes are welcome for holding things from paint to beads!


    Stay tuned for more requests as they are needed!


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  • Gelli Plates

    Gelli plates are a very versatile printmaking surface.  If you are interested in donating supplies and materials this would be a great addition to our art program!

    We could use 5' and 6" squares and the 8"x10" size.  Information about pricing and ordering can be foudn at dickblick.com

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  • Texture Plates

    Textures plates are a fun way for students to add a new dimension to their artwork.  There are a variety of sets available at School Speciality .

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  • Duct Tape

    Duct Tape has become one of the most versitile af art materials.  Unfortunately, there is no money in the buget to purchase Duct Tape.  Any donations of any color of Duct Tape will gladly be accepted!

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