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    7th + 8th History Classroom Materials you need everyday

    1.        Text 
    (Supplied by teacher)
     2.        Your NEED a
    PLASTIC covered college ruled spiral interactive notebook-MUST BE at least
    11" x 9" and 100 PAGES
    a.    Plastic cover because it is used constantly.
    b.       You will need a second 100 page spiral notebook at start of 3rd marking period


         3.   You NEED:   pencils, pens and highlighters

    4.  You  NEED Glue
    5.  Optional: Colored   pencils and scissors




    Team B

    7th Grade

    Supply List 2016-17


    Label all supplies with your first and last name. 

    It would be best if all students have these supplies on the first day of school. However, students are expected to have all supplies by September 7, 2016.

    > Two three ring binders –1 inch(English and Reading)

    > One three ring binder –1 or 1 ½ inches (Math)

    > Two plastic cover spirals.  Size: 9 X 11, At least 100 pages each  (Social Studies)

    > Pocket folder (Reading)

    > Eleven tab dividers – English, Reading, and Math

    > Loose leaf paper—a generous supply

    > One marble composition book – for English (We use this on the first day.)

    > A dry erase marker for Math

    > A ruler (to be kept at home) one side should be metric and one side should measure inches.

    > Flash drive

    > Calculator—Texas Instruments model TI30XIIS is preferred by Poquessing Math teachers.  Watch for sales.  It can be found for less than $15.  If you decide to get a different calculator, be sure that it adds, subtracts, multiplies, divides, is able to handle signed numbers, and has a square root key.

    > Pencil case 

    > Glue—8 oz  Elmer’s or 10 glue sticks

    > Many pencils

    > Erasers

    > Highlighters (You may want a few colors.)

    > Blue or black pens

    > Colored pencils

    > Index cards – ruled - 6 packs--two packs each for English, Reading and Math throughout the year

    > 3 loose leaf rings to secure index cards (2”) for English, Reading, and Math

    > Sticky notes (the cheaper the better)

    > Tissues for your homeroom classroom



    > Small pencil sharpener

    > Reinforcements

    > Small pair of scissors 

    > Post-it tabs

    > 1 spiral notebook—plastic covered, Mead, college ruled, at least 2 subjects, for math homework.  (Math homework can also be done in your binder.)