• Assessment Retake Instructions:
    Do you want the opportunity for 2nd chance learning and to show you now know the concepts from your last quiz or test?
    You have one week to revisit your quiz mistakes, seek extra help, and complete the required activities from the date you get your quiz or test returned.
    1.  You need to get a request to retest form from Mrs Scott.
    2.  You need to return the form signed by a parent or guardian.
    3.  You need to have the review originally assigned for the test complete along with at least 15 flashcards you created using that review.  A flashcard has a question on the front and the correct answer on the back.  You may use index cards or cut up paper OR use the Quizlet.com to make them electronically..
    4.  Mrs Scott is available at WIN and/or Lunch(by appointment) and/or Tuesday and Thursday morning clinic if you need help review the material.