• All work related to this class will be completed in the classroom or gymnasium, therefore no homework will be assigned.  


    Students will be evaluated on the following criteria:

    PARTICIPATION: Students must actively participate in the class activity.  Activity enhances physical fitness and is needed in order to improve skills.  In some instances this may include written work. 


    DRESS: Students are expected to change their clothing for physical education class.  The student should wear clothing appropriate for the activity.  The clothing must be considered safe to the wearer and all others.  This includes NOT wearing jewelry.  Clothing MUST meet the school dress code.  Students are to change from their school clothes into gym clothes at the beginning of class and then change back into school clothes at the end of class. Failure to change clothing will result in a grade of unprepared for the day which will lower the students’ final grade.


    MEDICAL EXCUSES: All medical excuses MUST be taken to the nurse before homeroom and she will give you a slip to give to your teacher.  You must have a nurse’s slip to be excused from class.  Students with MEDICAL EXCUSES longer than 2 weeks will be sent to the library with a writing assignment.


    LOCKS: Locks are highly recommended for students to use in physical education class.  Students may purchase a lock or bring their own.  Students are only to keep the lock on DURING their class.  After class students are to remove the lock and all of their belongings.   

    SAFETY: Student safety is the number one priority at Poquessing Middle School.  Students should apply all appropriate safety procedures of the activity.  This includes wearing safety equipment, personal safety and the safety of classmates.   
    SKILLS & ASSESSMENTS: The student should display an effort to improve his/her current skill levels.  Students will be required to complete written assessments identifying appropriate areas of state and school district standards.


    BEHAVIOR: The student is expected to display appropriate social behaviors in class including respect towards other players.  Put downs or disrespectful behavior is not appropriate and will not be tolerated.   This includes appropriate locker room behavior.