• Accessing Your Neshaminy Z Drive from home:


    • From any internet connection OUTSIDE of Neshaminy, go to: https://vpn.neshaminy.org
    • If you get a message that there is a security problem with this website’s security certificate, you must click on continue to this website (not recommended) or you will not be able to continue.
    • At the log in screen, enter your Username and Password the same as you do in school.
    • Under File Bookmarks, click on Personal Drive.
    • Again, enter your Username and Password.
    • Scroll through the list of users and locate your personal drive (you cannot access other user’s files.)
    • Once you click on your personal drive, you will see all of the files that are stored in your personal drive.
    • Remember to log out properly: Click on “Logout” in the upper right side of your screen.

    Good Luck!