Here is a list of needed supplies for Mr. Marte's class:
    ...Maybe you can go school shopping with a group so you can have a "Supplies Party!"
    1)A two-inch, three-ring binder with at least five dividers...LESS THAN A 2-INCH BINDER WILL BE TOO SMALL BY JANUARY.  BUY A GOOD QUALITY ONE AND IT WILL PAY OFF!!!
    2)loose leaf paper.
    4)black and/or blue pens
    5)highlighter (pink or yellow are best, but any color works)
    6)pencil case (optional, but VERY helpful)
    7)simple pocket folder...will be used as a homework folder.
    8)agenda HW book/assignment planner....these USE TO BE supplied by Poquessing, but now students must supply their own.
    9)book / novel to read during class and/or WIN as the opportunity allows.  This book will be part of our Literary Analysis program.
    ***The above supplies are mandatory, and are to be brought to class each day.
    ***Hole punchers, tape, staplers, paper clips, glue, and other such supplies will be readily available in my classroom.   
     We will be reading several novels this year.  I will supply copies; however, it can be a valuable experience for students to purchase their own copies for classroom use.  This allows highlighting and notetaking to occur right in the book, and is a great way for students to begin accumulating a personal academic library.  This, of course, is not required, but it is something to think about.  I will be sending home a list of novels around Back to School Night. (The list will include specific edition and publisher information so we are all literally "on the same page").   
    PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ANY QUESTIONS YOU MIGHT HAVE AT ANY TIME DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR.  Together we will make this a great eighth grade experience! 
    Mr. Marte'