• Interesting Facts About Our School
    1. Albert Schweitzer Elementary School in Levittown, Pennsylvania was the first school in America to be named for Albert Schweitzer.
    2. It was the objective of those who named the school that the principals and actions of this man become an integral part of the approach to life and the curriculum of the school and, in turn, a part of the fiber of the students, faculty, and community.
    3. Construction was started in September 1958 and initially occupied in September 1959.
    4. Dedication was held on May 19, 1960.
    5. Friends of Dr. Schweitzer visited with students and faculty on its dedication day.
    6. A mural was donated to our school by Dr. Frederich Franck as a composite of drawings done during his periods of work at Dr. Albert Schweitzer's Hospital at Lambarence, Equatorial Africa.
    7. The library was shared by two schools - Albert Schweitzer Elementary and Carl Sandburg Middle School.
    8. The school had a Cafetorium which served as a cafeteria and an auditorium.