• Mr. Leigh contemplates the founding of the United States of America.  

    Mr. Jason Leigh
    General & Vocal Music
    Poquessing Middle School
    Director of the Select Choir
    Poquessing Middle School 
    1996-1999  B.M.E.; Temple University
                     Majored in Music Education/Piano
    1994-1996  Hartt School of Music
                     Majored in Music Education/Piano
    1994           Diploma; Neshaminy High School
                                    Langhorne, Pa
    Teaching Experience 
     2016-        Poquessing Middle School
                     -General Music (5-8)
                     -Select Choir
                     -Musical Theatre
    2012-2016  Neshaminy High School
                      -Music Technology
                      -Guitar Class
                          -Choral Music 
    2001-2012  Poquessing Middle School
                          -General Music (6-8)
    1999-2001  Maple Point Middle School
                      -General Music (6-9)

     Like so many great stories, mine began here in Neshaminy...

          As a student I attended Poquessing (Ferderbar) & Tawanka elementaries, Poquessing Junior (Middle) School and Neshaminy High School.  I was in every musical ensemble I could fit in my schedule from 4th grade through graduation.  I was/am a pianist by training and a percussionist out of necessity (there are no pianos in band and that was where my friends were!).  These two amazing instruments allowed me to experience Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Choir and, my favorite, the Musical.  For me, the choice to become a teacher was solidified by a group of talented teachers at Poquessing Junior High, in particular, an English teacher named Mr. Joffe.  As with all great teachers I believe he could have taught any subject and made it powerful and real.  He just happened to do it through literature and grammar.  I wanted to follow in his footsteps because I wanted to aspire to have the same affect on students that he had on all of us.  I chose Music as my method but, like Mr. Joffe, I am more interested in the whole mind and the whole student.  I hope I can live up to his legacy and that is my daily motivation.  I am somewhere in the middle of my career and I am still enjoying every student, every class and every challenge.  Neshaminy has a proud tradition for shaping minds and I am merely here to do my small part.  Thanks for joining me.
    Me, Mr. Roy Nelson and the Legendary Ted Kloos.  

     (Choir Trip to Bradenton, Florida in 93'.  Trips were longer than 5-6 days, then.  You could lower the cost of the trip by having an "exchange" with students from the town you were staying in.  No hotel costs!  This was commonplace and a great time.  We got to know other students and their families and we called it a "tour" instead of a trip.  Some days, when we weren't scheduled to sing, we were on our own and we had a blast!  Guess what?  Everyone survived!)

    Some quick pictures of things I love.  Do we share any? 
    Music & Art 
    The Man (1770-1827) "Christina's World" by Andrew Wyeth.My favorite. My first show (not in that theater).
    My 5 Favorite American Cities 
    PHILLY The Windy City (Chicago) Congress gettin' it done... or not (Washington D.C.)"Listen my children and you shall hear…"  (Boston)
    Home away from home.  (NYC)  
    My Pictures Abroad
    You don't see this in the NYC subways. (Edinburgh, Scotland)  A Mosque. (Alexandria, Egypt) Mt. Vesuvius still stands watch over the ruins of Pompeii, Italy. Rooftop in Barcelona, Spain.
    The Great Pyramid. (Cairo, Egypt)  I'm somewhere in this bazaar. (Ephesus, Turkey) I never did see Nessie. (Loch Ness, Scotland) The Parthenon. (Athens, Greece)
    Entertainment in the Plaza Mayor. (Madrid, Spain)  Lonely in the Alps. (Kitzbuehel, Austria) Home of Mozart and Maria. (Salzburg, Austria) Two rejected gladiators outside the Colosseum. (Rome, Italy)
    Sweaty and exhausted brothers at the top of the Duomo. (Florence, Italy)  The Opera House. (Dresden, Germany) Michelangelo was a heck of an interior decorator. (Sistine Chapel, Vatican City) A stunning cathedral. (Paris, France)